The Danish Viking folk band Gjaldulei dig deep into the texts of the Icelandic sagas and the soundscapes of the Viking Age, to awaken cultural heritage and history through ancient timbres and galdering tones, seeking harmonies long forgotten. Our approach to composing the music is experimental, and has roots in musical archeology, -history, cultural history and the sagas.

On November 1st 2019 Gjaldulei are releasing their compositions into the world: our EP “Gjaldulei”. With 5 songs composed on archaic instruments, in pursuit of the sounds of old Scandinavia, these vikings hope to conquer hearts and spirits of Viking enthusiasts all over the world.

We put music to the life events and mythology of the Viking world, and aim to take our music all over the world.

In the band we find HC Molbech on lur, flutes, percussion and song, alongside the skald Martin Kufahl on percussion and song as well. HC has traveled the world with different music projects over the past couple of decades, and Martin is well known for his roaring voice which soars through Viking markets all over Scandinavia.

On the bowed lyre and enchanting vocals we find Martins female equivalent, Lea Hildebrandt, whose voice has graced many the Viking gathering both in Denmark, on Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

On the plucked lyre, percussion and as the lead female vocalist we find Christine Kammerer. A composer and singer/songwriter whose background in Musicology and Cultural Studies has a big influence on the compositions and storytelling elements of the music. She as well has traveled worldwide with her work as a solo-artist.

Booking and more info

For everything booking related, please contact HC or Christine:
PHONE: (+45) 6060 9096 (HC Molbech)
PHONE: (+45) 2250 2559 (Christine Kammerer)
MAIL: contact@gjaldulei.com

Questions about payment, copyrights, technical or financial issues, please refer to our manager Aulos / HC Molbech at:
PHONE : (+45) 6060 9096 (Aulos / HC Molbech)
MAIL: hc@aulos.dk

For international transfers please use:
Company name: Aulos
VAT no: DK 28004540
Bank: 5073 1856188
IBAN: DK7450730001856188